Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Would Jesus Do?

First of all, happy easter!!

Okay, my thoughts for this post were created during church and some long pondering. You know how some people, such as a parent or priest, tell you to think 'what would jesus do?', well I have the answer!! Its SUCK YOUR BLOOD!!!!

Well, think about it. Didn't he rise from the dead? There are only two ways he could have done this: he is a zombie or a vampire. And since we are all not trying to eat each others brains and there is no hoard of fleshing-eating-dead-people at my door then I think its safe to say Jesus is not a zombie. Therefor he is a vampire!! 

How many of you want to be a vampire? Well you will be!! Every Sunday when you go and drink the Eucharist(the wine and bread), you are drinking his blood!! Slowly, very slowly, we are becoming vampires!! Our maker: Jesus.  And this is why I am a Catholic. I get to become a vampire, helllooooo, why would I be anything else?

You still don't believe me? Fine, more proof.  Does it not say in the Bible that God (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) will raise the dead? How will he do that? By making us VAMPIRES!! In the Apocalypse, he will take all the good people and turn them into vampires; all the bad people will be left on earth to be ripped apart and sucked of their blood by the newly turned vampires. Do you see?? IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!
I am not alone in this belief. I'm sure other goths have come to this conclusion. Adora BatBrat has; here read her thesis on this topic: Jesus Is A Vampire

I you Jesus!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Marilyn Manson

Okay, gothlings, how many of you think Marilyn Manson is goth? Come on tell the truth. 

Well sorry to disappoint you, but he isn't. Brian Hugh Warner (or Marilyn Manson) is actually industrial metal with a bit of glam rock. Wikipedia even calls him an 'American rock band'; so there you have it gothlings. Manson isn't goth. 

The mainstream calls him 'goth' because of his darkly appearance and his unnatural performances. Of course they would be frightened by this and immediately assume him a goth, because everyone knows goths are Satanists. (You did catch my sarcasm, right?)

Because of this Manson is not liked much in either world, both goth and mainstream. The mainstream because he scares them. The goth world because he is wrongly accused of being in goth, and that angers many of the elder goths.

Personally I like his music. Maybe because I always like to believe there is some good in people and I stand up for the misunderstood. Plus his music really is good. 

Did you know Manson is a musician, and actor, director, and has begun a career in watercolor painting? He has even inspired some of one the greatest actors we all know and love. Johnny Depp has continually reported to use Manson as his inspiration while acting as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Quick Fact: Did you know we almost had Marilyn Manson as Willy Wonka? Guess they thought he was too spooky instead of zany. 

The song that got me interested in him is Sweet Dreams. Here, why don't you listen and decide what you think?

I think he has wicked vocals. Anyone else thinks his music is good? If so go and listen to his other songs just remember he's not goth, and note that you might come off looking like a poser to other goths. Just keep your head held up high and ignore them or tell them that you know Manson isn't goth you just enjoy his music. This is what I do.

If you don't like his music, that's cool. He's not for everybody. Maybe you'll like the original version of the song.

Well now gothlings you are a little wiser about the subculture and of the true genre of Marilyn Manson.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Is Goth?

First things first, you must know some background information about the scene. Or would you rather go put on some black clothes, paste on some white makeup, and go around declaring yourself a goth without knowing anything about your roots?

Wikipedia describes goth as a "contemporary subculture" that was an "offshoot of the post-punk genre and developed in the early 1980s in England."  Yes, it is true babybats. Goth did come from the Punks. As it developed and emerged it was tagged "positive punk" but later renamed "goth" after Steve Keaton wrote and article known as "The Face of Punk Gothique" (February 21,1981) in the UK rock weekly Sounds.

And thus goth was born for all of us to enjoy!!

Goth means something different to different people. To some it is a lifestyle, to others a fashion, and to some a music type. Either way, both fashion and music are deeply entwined with goth. This is also a controversial issue, what is more important? The music or the clothes?

Goth Music: 

Goth music takes the guitar and synthesizer sounds of the post-punk to create "foreboding, sorrowful, often epic soundscapes." According to music journalist Simon Reynolds, standard goth music fixtures include "scything guitar patterns, high-pitched basslines that often usurped the melodic role; beats that  were either hypnotically dirgelike or 'tribal'." He described the vocal style as "deep, droning alloys of Jim Morrison and Leonard Cohen."

Many goth bands used a drum machine that did not stress the "back beat in the rhythm." Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees as well as The Cure used the 'flanging' guitar effect to produce a "brittle, cold, and harsh sound that contrasted with their psychedelic rock predecessors."

Goth Bands That Every Goth Should Know: The Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Alien Sex Fiend, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Sisters Of Mercy (if you like them totally depends on you, but I think you should know the bands that started the whole scene/ where the most successful.)

Goth Fashion: 

Wikipedia describes gothic fashion as "dyed black hair,black lips, and black clothes; both males and females wearing dark eyeliner and dark fingernails." 

This is partially true babybats. Anyone can wear eyeliner and paint there nails but you are not limited to black. In these days a person can be a perkygoth to an ice goth and everything in between. 

 (perky goth)

 (ice goth)

A goth's wardrobe depends on what type of goth you are. A cybergoth's wardrobe consists of neon matched with black, glow sticks, aviator goggles (worn on the head), brightly colored hair and makeup, and gas masks. While a romatigoth's wardrobe has extravagant clothes (made out of silk, velvet,lace, etc) that are based on past eras (Victorian, etc) but might not be totally historically accurate.

In my mind, fashion and music make up goth and I believe no part is more important than the other. We need the music to express ourselves and we need the fashion to become us. 

What is your opinion? What do you think makes Goth? What is goth to you? 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Is The Gothling Academy??

The Gothling Academy is a blog targeting gothlings. People are discovering they are goths all the time,but how do they know what goth is and isn't? Are they really going to follow the stereotypes?

Real gothlings want to know. And who knows, maybe there are people who are just interested in "goth"? You know the open minded people.

Hopefully this blog will clear up some things for you. Now keep in mind I am also a gothling (I've been goth for a year and a half), so hopefully through this blog we will all learn something. I will try my best to give you insight into the subculture known as goth.☺ 

And know let us embark into the shadowy depths of goth. Are you ready my young baby bats?