Monday, February 13, 2012

Goths and Relationships

Does a Goth have to date another, and only another Goth? Are outsiders to the Goth scene off limits??

 There is no rule restricting us in our love lives. We can date whomever we want. 

Moi, personally is dating a "normal" person. (Although I have turned him darker. I just think I brought out his already hidden personality. He has confessed to me that he has always wanted to be, what is known as a 'Greaser'.) 

Many Goths do. And many of us do date darker personalities. Examples: other Goths, Punks, Metalheads, Emos, etc. 

If dating someone outside the scene remember, DON'T TRY TO CHANGE WHO THEY ARE!!!!!

First of all, are you not dating them because they are who they are? Trying to change them will only raise problems in your relationship. They will feel you do not love them for who they are and this will give a negative opinion on the Goth scene. 

It is important in these relationships that you two understand and respect each other. You both can't be trying to change each other. An occasional dress up would do no harm if your partner is on board- don't force them!!

Other than that, you two should be fine. (Unless you two have issues that all couples do: jealousy, possesiveness, demanding, etc)

Music Monday

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Neo-Victorian Goth

Neo-Victorian Goth are similar to Victorian Goths except they add futuristic elements to their clothing. Bloomers are very popular. 

Most Neo-Victorians chose to listen to dark cabaret which would include Emilie Autumn, Hannah Fury, and the Dresden Dolls. They may also choose to listen to industrial and steampunk. Of course they can listen to what ever they wish.

Victorian Goth

Victorian Goths are poised and dignified goths that dress in the Victorian fashion. Most of them dress historically accurate. 

Corsets and lace are very popular in this scene. The most popular fashion is the Victorian formal dress and mourning garb. 

Many enjoy activities that where common and popular  in Victorian times-- masquerades, tea parties, and poetry readings. 

A Victorian- inspired band is Rasputina. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Romantigoths are goths who take romance to a whole other level. Obviously this type of goth comes from the blending of the words 'romantic' and 'goth'. 

This type of goth embodies romance, decadance. A view that darkness and beauty are one and the same. They represent the original style of gothic architecture and literature. 

These goths typically dress in extravagent fashions of eras past. They are not acurate in their wardrobe historically wise unlike other goths, say the Victorian goth. They dress in silk, lace, and velvet. 

A Romantigoth usually looks elegant, graceful, and poised. They can usually be found having graveyard picnics or in a candlelight setting. 

Poetry, corsets, and coffins are of high value. Common accessories are the top hat and parasol.