Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Halloween Aproacheth!

Have your local stores started to sell all things Halloween?

I walked into Target with my sister earlier today and walked by aisles of Halloween costumes. My reactions:
  1. Is it not too early for this?
  2. Excitement at the approaching Halloween
So it appears stores are preparing for the spooky celebration known as Halloween. I stopped and saw lots of different fishnet and lace gloves. Granted they are not of the upmost quality, but I'm sure I can reconstruct them into something fantastic! (I have a few ideas already.)

Have any of you lovely and spooky goths thought of how you will spend Halloween this year? Any costumes ideas? I am thinking of dressing up like a broken, bloody china doll. My sister, who loves all things frightening, wants to dress up like Jeff the Killer.  

Message me your own costume ideas and any other comments, concerns, or questions you have about all things goths.  Tata ;)