Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Deathrockers is a subset of punk-goth (obviously a subset of goth). Deathrock incorpotates horror elements and spooky athmospherics. It first emerged in 1979 on the west coast of the USA.

Deathrock songs include simple chords, echoing guitars, a prominent bass, and drums repeating post-punk beats on a 4/4 beat. "Scratchy" guitars are sometimes used to create atmosphere.

Lyrics vary. Typically they are intospective and surreal dealing with isolation, disullosianment, loss, life, depression, death, etc. Style can vary from harsh and melancholic- upbeat.

With the heavy atmosphere and rhymthic music, lead singers are demanded to to covey complex emotions thus they usually have strong stage presences. 

The stereotyped deathrocker has fishnets, horror movie makeup, band logos, huge hair( You can usually tell they're a deathrocker by the hair. How could you miss it?), zombies, bats, death, and so on.

Bands A Deathrocker Might Have On Their IPod

. The Flesh Eaters
. Christain Death
. Voodoo Church
. Sex Gang Children
. Alien Sex Fiend 
. Gun Club
. 45 Grave
. Cancer Bats
. Drop Dead Festival
. Kommunity KF
. Radio Werewolf
. UK Decay
. Scary Bitches

One of my favorite bands as well as one of my favorite songs. This is a 'harsher' song but I think it has more melody. 

A video of how deathrock has evolved. The song is Romeo's Distress by Christian Death. 

Most Deathrockers style their hair in the "Deathhawk". This is Goth's take on the Punk's Mohawk. 

Of course, there are a few who break this rule... 

Monday, August 29, 2011


Steampunk is a subgenre that incoporates science fiction and emphasizes anachronistic technology, usually from the Victorian age. It is also a trend in fashion and music. In other words Steampunk is a combonation of edgy futurism with Victorain goth. 

It's sci-fi is low-tech. Thus the Victorian influences. 

In the begining, Steampunk was a seperate subculture form goth. But in these recent years, the two cultures are becoming more and more common. 

The fashion of Steampunk is highly creative and more than not, it is DIY. They incorporate clocks, keys, cogs, etc. 

Abney Park, Emilie Autumn, and Rasputina are all appreciated in both scenes. 

I like the guy in the corset. I want to be hugged all day!!

The folowing are pictures of people in the Steampunk scene. 

Are you amazed? Inspired? Why not tell me about it? Is there something in particular you want me to talk about? Comment my gothlings!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Goths On South Californian News

This is a series of reports on goth all put together in this video. Thank you EmpiraGirl. 

It's interesting how the society sees us. We don't believe we are vampires, although you can probably find at least one vampire related book on our shelves. 

And I don't know about this "biting". I wouldn't let someone touch me with a knife! And I certainly wouldn't "drink" from them. It sound like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles

And goth is not "destructive", it's about seeing the beauty in the dark, in death, in the unknown. It's about seeing that life isn't exactly a bowl of cherries, accepting it, but not hating it. Instead you take this view of life and make it beautiful. 

Note To Any Elder Goths Reading This:

If you are offended by the drag queen being featured, I apologize. But really I can't do anything about it. It's not my video. It is not my exposé. 

My young gothlings, it is common to see a men wearing skirts in our goth scene. Humans are curious by nature and in our scene when we profess ourselves "understanding" I hope you can accept this fact. Everyone has their own tastes. 

And parents worry about piercings and tattoos! I had never heard about "scarification" before watching this video. And if you are going to get a tattoo or piercing, please go to an actual tattoo place. I don't want you to get one in someone's back room. Who knows if they're certified? 

Hardcore? Weekend frolickers? Everyone has there own sense of goth. Some see it as just music. Others as just fashion. And yes, there are some goths who are only goths on the weekends. 

This is because of jobs. Sometimes we can't get the jobs we want. And have to be low-key on weekdays. This doesn't mean these goths are less goth for not dressing up like one everyday. In fact it means this person is someone who loves being a goth so much they aren't willing to give it up. They fight for the right to keep their job but still remain true to themselves. 

Hmm, I need to call Gavin. I could do with some of those vampire teeth, couldn't you?

And these muders done by goths? I don't believe they were goths at all. Many times Mansonites are confused for goths thus giving goth a bad name. 

What are Mansonites? Followers of Marilyn Manson. Usually they dress like him- threnchcoats, listen to his music, and may act violently. 

Of course when the authorities hear about trenchcoats they automatically assume "goth." Which is farther from the truth. Most goths are pacificsts! Meaning, they don't believe in fighting. 

And I wonder if Slushy has heard of Bats Day at Disneyland? Basically its three days when Disneyland shuts down and only lets goths in. First day is a giant picnic, second day is a music festival, and the third is a market day.

Of course anyone under eighteen has to be with an adult. That is why I have not gone to Bats Day...yet. 

About Marilyn Manson, you can check my earlier post about him here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walmart A Goth Store???

Believe me gothlings, I was shocked to! But today I accompanied my mom to Walmart and guess what I found?? A ton of darkly inclined stuff that any goth would LOVE to wear. 

Dark hats, skull t's (Although many had glitter. Perhaps more perky goth?) skull earrings, knee high socks with skulls, webs, and hello kitties in corsets! And much more - I didn't get to see everything.

I just love it when Halloween approaches (incase you are wondering, the USA just thinks it's right to sells things one month ahead of time)!!! Decorations and candy galore!!


Don't buy the makeup!!! It's cheap and it will cause breakouts!! I know the one in stores is expensive but it better for you. Less breakouts sweeties. 

Also don't buy the costumes and wear them like everyday goth clothes. Why?

First of all, we can tell it's a costume. The fabric is cheap and weak (it will easily rip and tear). And second of all, do you want to fuel the "Are you wearing a costume?" question? And darlings, you will be wearing one!!! Not to mention this could lead to the stereotype that goths are "freaks" as we as awkward questions for yourself. 

My Goth Walmart Goodies: 

I only got socks, and here they are. 

A Hello Kitty in a corset dress surrounded by spiders. The sock is purple.

A black sock with Hello Kitty in a purple, tutu dress. I just the spiderweb. 

A knee-high purple and black stripped snoopy sock with neon green skulls. 

What not goth enough for you?? well, : P. There, I'm sticking out my tongue!! I think these sock would be nice if your making the transition to goth and don't want to worry your parents. Or if you're a younger goth. Typically most goths realize they are goth in their teens, but there are goths younger than that. Some begin around eight or nine years old. 

Can you imagine being a goth at nine? Those brave souls. Knowing who they are and dealing with bullying at such a young age. I solute you!!

Perky Goth

Perky goth or candy goth is one of the many subsets of goth. It is one of the brightest and eye-catching( well, aren't all goth styles eye-catching?)of the scene. 

Perky goths are defined by cute motifs (fuzzy bats, sparkly skulls, etc) and of course a liberal use of pink and sparkle in their clothes. They are also said to reject the "gloomy " stereotype of goth and can be as cheerful, friendly, and bouncy as they want to be. 

They can dress from casual to full blown victorian with pink accents. If its pink, cute, and goth- its moist likely perky goth. 

Perky goths usually dye their hair all pink, all blue, or a mix with black. Purple can be included as well. 

A few girls rocking the deathrocker-perky goth look.

A short video on how to be perky goth if you are interested. The song is Beautiful Thieves by AFI.

Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY- Goth Wreath

This is a simple DIY from Pattasy on YouTube. It is a wreath with skulls and flowers. It can easily be hanged on your front door (if you're a grown goth or your parents don't mind) or your bedroom door( most likely if you're a teen or younger goth).

The Materials She Used: 

. grapevine wreath (I think you can use any wreath really)
. black gloss paint
. styrofoam skulls
. fall silk leaves
. red roses (or black if you want)
. a hot glue gun

Of course find a place were you can don't mind making a mess. Perhaps outside on your porch or steps?

As you can see, it is very simple to make and has a breathtaking effect.

Gothic Charm School Video Part 4

As I said before. most goths are artistic. Many of us learn basic sewing skills. You know, sewing buttons, zippers, or fixing a hem. Others are more complex and can make clothes from scratch!! These are the people I envy. Of course there are simple DIY's anyone can do!! I will try to post some of these.

Gothlings, don't you ever copy someone's clothes, makeup, or work completely or directly. I know they say it's the "sincerest form of flattery" but it is VERY disrespectful.

How would you feel if you spent weeks working on an outfit to be "one of a kind" and have a person copy it a few days later? You are insulting a fellow goth. And why cause anger, hurt, and hate amongst ourselves? We get enough of that from other people, but from one of your own kind?

It's fine if you find inspiration from someone or something and use some of their ideas to create your own work of art, but never copy the whole thing!! Be respectful and kind. And you never know, you might create something just as equally amazing!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gothic Charm School Video Part 3

This video is self explanatory. Oh, and be nice to the kids... even though you think they are evil reincarnated. I know some of those kids. 0.0

And BREAK THE STEREOTYPE!!!! Come on you get to weird people out by just being nice?? Hehe, I like creeping people out!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gothic Charm School Video Part 2

She makes such good points! I mean many of us like other worldly possibilities,but not one of us is a real vampire.  Although that would be a fascinating concept...

And of course we aren't dangerous!We don't make sacrifices to the devil. In fact, most goths are pacifists- meaning they don't like to fight. They live by the saying- "Use your words, not your fists."

And see? I told you we could have "normal" jobs. Goths are teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. And of course we are artistic people. Many goths are gifted with music, drawing, sewing, and creativity. 

Hmm, I'm wondering... How many of you have a black bedroom??

Friday, August 12, 2011

Goth Vampire Nation, A Documentary

This is a very good documentary on goth. It's quite long, but make time for it my gothlings. You will enjoy it and its music.


Well gothlings, we all know there are many types of goths. Cybergoth is just one of hundreds.

Cybergoths dress futuristically and prefer brighter colors. Most enjoy glowsticks and neon colors with their black attire. Often they wear plastic or yarn hair-falls. The fashion is a mix of rave, rivethead, and goth.

Clothing consists of huge platform boots, tight clothing, and many cybergoth have facial piercings.

 This site is a good store for a more cybergoth look. Goggles, boots , PVC skirts, chokers that glow in the dark....

A video of some lovely cybergoth ladies so you can get a better idea of the look. 

Some Cyber Goth Bands

* Eisenfunk - Pong
* Asphyxia
* Wynardtage
* Etylen
* Agonoize
* Soman
* Engelmacher
* Psyborg Corp
* God Module
* Neon Synthesis - Solitude and Fear
* Xentrifuge - Technicide
* Metallspürhunde - Ou Iras Tu
* Unsinn - Decontamination
* Hypercomplex - Dimethyltryptamine
* Psyclon Nine
* Cybrax Industries
* Combichrist
* PORCELAIN And The Tramps - Gasoline
* Schallfaktor – psychokiller
* Hydroxie - A Fool
* Stray - Intoxicate
* UltraViolence - Seperation
* Noisuf-X Das Ende Der Welt
* Nachtmahr - Mein name
* Machtmahr –BoomBoomBoom
* Shnarph -Reden und atmen
* Hocio
* Disfunción Organica
* Skoyz - distressignal
* Arise-X Nekromanie
* Düsseldorf - Potęga ludu
* Blutengel
* FGFC820
* [:SITD:]
* Panic Lift
* Diorama
* C-Lekktor
* Xperiment - Death Link
* Soul Creeper - Electrofuck
* Faderhead – TZDV
* Feindflug - AK47
* Tactical Sekt - American me
* Centhron - Gasman
* Amduscia - Perverse Party
* Suicide Commando
* Alien Vampires

The name of this song is Angelspit by Elixir. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gothic Charm School

"An essential, fully illustrated guidebook to day-to-day Goth living."

The Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters is a guide for goths. With goth do's and don'ts to sections for your parents to see that you are not some depressed person. Even explanations of different types of goths, and where goth can work. No you Hot Topic isn't your only option, you can get a "real" job. 

Go grab a copy at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, or just check your community book store. This book is an essential for all goths. It explains the scene particularly well for the new goths and it helps your family and friends understand what you are going through. 

There is also a website. Check it out here: Gothic Charm School 

And if you want a visual, here is a video. 

Oh, darlings you will all love Jillian Venters or The Lady of the Manners like most goths do (like I do). 

Watch her videos, get her book, and go to her website. Hmm, NOTE TO SELF: get a top hat.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keep An Open Mind

Are you new to goth and you can't find any "goth" stores near you? Don't fret dearies. Just look at all around you!!

Why not try your local mall? Are you giving me a look like this 0.o Well don't. A mall usually has a Hot Topic or  a Claire's. These are stores more focused on the alternative look. But are you afraid of being branded a "Mall Goth"? The solution is easy. Buy a few things from Hot Topic but don't make it your WHOLE new wardrobe. A few pieces here and there is fine. If you are lucky to go, I envy you. My parents aren't big fans of the Mall, and thus my only item from Hot Topic is a Christmas present from my friend.

This is the choker. Do you like? If so why not head to Hot Topic? It might still be there, or something better might turn up. 

If you can't afford Hot Topic or if you don't like the mall like my parents, try your local shops. Maybe even a thrift store?

I am a personal fan of thrift stores. You never know what you will find, and of course you'll get it cheap! 

This top is one of my thrift store finds. Only $5! I usually pair it with dark jeans or a black skirt, tights, and some boots for a deathrocker look.  I will explain what a deathrocker is in due time, gothlings. 

And try mainstream stores as well my loves. Sears, Target, Ross, JC Penny, get my drift? My friend claims to have seen leather plants in JC Penny. 

My mom got me this skirt at Sears for Halloween for four bucks. If you're wondering why she gave it too me for Halloween, it's because I wanted a skirt for a Halloween costume. The only actually "costume" to my costume was a cape and fake blood. If you haven't figured it out, I was a vampire. OvvO The rest of my "costume" were some of my actual clothes. The same thing happened to my friend. It was all our clothes except for the capes and fake blood. Of course no one believed us. But, if i do say so myself, we had the most realistic costumes. ☺ *fist pump for goth clothes*

The following items I got at Ross. 

This is, obviously, military inspired. 

This dress has a rose on the side. It's kind of hard to see, buts it's there. 

These are my newest boots. They're combat. 

The swap meet is a good place to get clothes as well. 

This one of my favorite tops. Its very lolita, which is a recent fetish of mine. 

These are more punk than goth, but it doesn't mean I love them any less. 

But of course, doing your shopping online is also an option. Here are a few online shops you might find useful.

Kinky Angel This site has many different styles, and I'm sure you'll find something perfect! It is a bit pricy, but if you really want it, just save and go for it. And yes I know it has an unusual name, but a lot of things in the goth culture do. It comes with the scene, get used to it. 

The Spooky Boutique This site has excellent shoes and some exceptional pieces of jewelry as many other things. 

The Velvet Garden I love the Velvet Garden! It is basically a marketplace for goth clothes, books, jewelry, shoes, etc. Plus, if you don't like using your credit card you could pay with money orders. 

Obscuria This store has AMAZING pieces of jewelry, accessories, bags, shirts, and home decor. 

SHRINE  This store is an all around fashion. Incredible looks for men and women. (Guess what?? THEY HAVE CAPES!!) I'll admit they are pricy, but the looks are breath taking and totally worth it.  Why don't you take a look and decide for yourself? 

Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy are choices as well. I am not the biggest fan of Ebay, but you should definitely check out Etsy. As a matter of fact, I'll give you the link. Here you are : Etsy 

I hope this helps you in finding a goth wardrobe to your liking. Till next time my gothlings.