Monday, July 2, 2012

Goths: Extroverts or Introverts?

Introvert: a person who is energized by being alone and drained by being around people

Introvert Qualities: 
  • enjoy thinking and exploring their thoughts and feelings
  • social events drain their energy even if they have good social skills
  • if they want to be alone they need to "recharge" from their lastest social event or just want time to think about their thoughts
  • conversations are usually about ideas and concepts
  • more private and quiet
  • like to work alone
60% of the gifted population is introverted and 25-40% of the general population are introverts

Extrovert: one who is outgoing; sociable or concerned with outer affairs

Extrovert Qualities: 
  • projects energy to people and things
  • social
  • outgoing
  • relaxed
  • confident
  • lots of friends
  • enjoy social gatherings
  • in a professional sense they tend to be assertive
  • prefer to work around other people
More than 75% of the general population are extroverts

Now, we know what introverts and extroverts are. We know what percent of they are of the general population or "gifted" population. But what percent are they in the gothic population?

Are Goths more introverted? Or extroverted? Are we private or outgoing?

I believe Goths are half and half. We have some reserved people walking amongst us. But we also have some of thee most outgoing and bubbly people.

Is Adora Batbrat not proof of the extrovert goth? Bubbly and outgoing?

The goth subculture is credited of over 500 types of goths. Ranging from the candy goth to the ice goth and the deathrockers to the romantigoths and all the others in between (fairy goth, vampire goth, egyptian goth, and more!!). 

Goth is a complex subculture with many different kinds of people. Some sweet and softspoken. Others go for what they want and are rarely afraid. Introverts and extroverts. But no matter our differences we are all united with our love for the dark, different, and quirky.

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Music Monday

"Fades Like a Song" by gothic rock band Bella Morte.