Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Review: Her Evil Twin

I thought many babybats will like this book. Especially the early teens or maybe even the tweens. 

Her Evil Twin, by Mimi McCoy is the sixth book of the Poison Apple Series. A second branch of the Candy Apple books. 

In the story, Anna Dipalo wishes for nothing more than to be cool. To be noticed fashion wise and to be fearless. And then she makes a new friend, Emma Diablo who is fearless, effortlessly fashionable, and always ready for an adventure. 

 At first it seems that Emma is doing nothing but bringing Anna out of her shell. The two girls have fun doing each others hair, going to the Cinaplex, n getting back at Anna's enemies dubbed 'the Jackals'.But Emma is just as her last name depicts her to be. She ditches classes, sneaks off campus during lunch, and "borrows" spray paint. 

Before long Emma's actions start to take a sinister turn. Writing mocking messeseges on the lawns of Anna's old friends and pushing a boy, who Anna seems to like, out a window, and stealing another girl's wallet. The girls look so much a like that the incidents are pinned on Anna. 

No one believes Anna when she pleads innocent since no one besides her has ever laid eyes on Emma. This leads Anna to conclude the impossible possibilty that her mirror-image best friend might be her evil twin. 

And yet, Mimi McCoy manages to put in another twist when Anna's mother reveals that Anna used to have an imaginary friend named Emma with whom she would always cause trouble with. 

Has Anna brought Emma back to life with her undying desire to have an adventurous, hip friend? Or is Anna simply going insane? Is the trouble that Emma has caused really been Anna all along?

I'd suggest you find a copy of the book and find out. ;) 

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