Sunday, February 5, 2012


Romantigoths are goths who take romance to a whole other level. Obviously this type of goth comes from the blending of the words 'romantic' and 'goth'. 

This type of goth embodies romance, decadance. A view that darkness and beauty are one and the same. They represent the original style of gothic architecture and literature. 

These goths typically dress in extravagent fashions of eras past. They are not acurate in their wardrobe historically wise unlike other goths, say the Victorian goth. They dress in silk, lace, and velvet. 

A Romantigoth usually looks elegant, graceful, and poised. They can usually be found having graveyard picnics or in a candlelight setting. 

Poetry, corsets, and coffins are of high value. Common accessories are the top hat and parasol. 

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