Monday, August 5, 2013

Goths on TV: Oddities, San Francisco

I have recently started watching this show on the science channel, and I find it very fun to watch.
Oddities San Francisco is a program following the shop Loved to Death as its staff buys and sells strange, rare, and weird antiques.
The current staff includes:
Audra Kunkle
(the Owner, picker, and master artist)
Wednesday Mourning
(Goth model, picker, and sales person)
Lincoln Smith
(shop steward)
Who do you think is my favorite?
The show shows the nonconventional curios and antiques. I love the people and a recent episode I have seen has shown a wonderful steampunk house on wheels! I encourage all Steampunkers to check it out and maybe add it to places that one has to see!



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