Monday, May 9, 2011

Gothic Lolita

There are many types of gothic fashion. One of many (and the newest to have captured my attention) being the gothic lolita.

Wikipedia says, "The fashion originated in the late 1990s in Harajuku and was promoted by Visual Kei bands such as Malice Mizer."

  Gothic Lolita or GothLoli  fashion is characterized by a darker make-up and clothing than a regular Lolita. A red lipstick or smokey or defined eyes are usually seen in the scene, otherwise the look remains fairly natural. But a white powered face is considered "bad taste."

 Color schemes include black(well,duh),dark  purples, dark blues, and deep or bright shades of red. The most popular colors are of course, black and white. Pink pops up every once in a while but is typically involved with Lolita or Sweet Lolita.

Cross jewelry, religious symbols, and bat shaped purses and bags, coffins, and crucifixes are often seen in the look.

The following are Gothic Lolita dresses.

Can anyone guess why I am infatuated with this style? Sorry for any guys who might be reading.

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