Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Is Adora BatBrat?

She is probably one of the most successful goths in the world. Just type her name in a search engine and see what will happen!!

She is the electrogoth queen of youtube. She is also a alternative Swedish model, a makeup guide, and mother of three. She has recently begun designing her own clothing line, BatBrat.

This is one shirt is is designing(the one I want ;)

The shirt is from The Adorable Collection.

Oh, I almost forgot. She really is a princess. :)

She really can teach you gothlings a thing or two about makeup.

Is she not incredible? I just love her hair in pink, currently it is a "spring green."

And here is another video, because one is just not enough. XD

I will now give you a link to her blog. I know you will all love her like I do. :] The link is right HERE Enjoy my lovelies!  

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