Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keep An Open Mind

Are you new to goth and you can't find any "goth" stores near you? Don't fret dearies. Just look at all around you!!

Why not try your local mall? Are you giving me a look like this 0.o Well don't. A mall usually has a Hot Topic or  a Claire's. These are stores more focused on the alternative look. But are you afraid of being branded a "Mall Goth"? The solution is easy. Buy a few things from Hot Topic but don't make it your WHOLE new wardrobe. A few pieces here and there is fine. If you are lucky to go, I envy you. My parents aren't big fans of the Mall, and thus my only item from Hot Topic is a Christmas present from my friend.

This is the choker. Do you like? If so why not head to Hot Topic? It might still be there, or something better might turn up. 

If you can't afford Hot Topic or if you don't like the mall like my parents, try your local shops. Maybe even a thrift store?

I am a personal fan of thrift stores. You never know what you will find, and of course you'll get it cheap! 

This top is one of my thrift store finds. Only $5! I usually pair it with dark jeans or a black skirt, tights, and some boots for a deathrocker look.  I will explain what a deathrocker is in due time, gothlings. 

And try mainstream stores as well my loves. Sears, Target, Ross, JC Penny, get my drift? My friend claims to have seen leather plants in JC Penny. 

My mom got me this skirt at Sears for Halloween for four bucks. If you're wondering why she gave it too me for Halloween, it's because I wanted a skirt for a Halloween costume. The only actually "costume" to my costume was a cape and fake blood. If you haven't figured it out, I was a vampire. OvvO The rest of my "costume" were some of my actual clothes. The same thing happened to my friend. It was all our clothes except for the capes and fake blood. Of course no one believed us. But, if i do say so myself, we had the most realistic costumes. ☺ *fist pump for goth clothes*

The following items I got at Ross. 

This is, obviously, military inspired. 

This dress has a rose on the side. It's kind of hard to see, buts it's there. 

These are my newest boots. They're combat. 

The swap meet is a good place to get clothes as well. 

This one of my favorite tops. Its very lolita, which is a recent fetish of mine. 

These are more punk than goth, but it doesn't mean I love them any less. 

But of course, doing your shopping online is also an option. Here are a few online shops you might find useful.

Kinky Angel This site has many different styles, and I'm sure you'll find something perfect! It is a bit pricy, but if you really want it, just save and go for it. And yes I know it has an unusual name, but a lot of things in the goth culture do. It comes with the scene, get used to it. 

The Spooky Boutique This site has excellent shoes and some exceptional pieces of jewelry as many other things. 

The Velvet Garden I love the Velvet Garden! It is basically a marketplace for goth clothes, books, jewelry, shoes, etc. Plus, if you don't like using your credit card you could pay with money orders. 

Obscuria This store has AMAZING pieces of jewelry, accessories, bags, shirts, and home decor. 

SHRINE  This store is an all around fashion. Incredible looks for men and women. (Guess what?? THEY HAVE CAPES!!) I'll admit they are pricy, but the looks are breath taking and totally worth it.  Why don't you take a look and decide for yourself? 

Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy are choices as well. I am not the biggest fan of Ebay, but you should definitely check out Etsy. As a matter of fact, I'll give you the link. Here you are : Etsy 

I hope this helps you in finding a goth wardrobe to your liking. Till next time my gothlings.

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