Saturday, September 3, 2011

Corporate Goth

Corporate Goth began as goths looking for jobs. Of course we can't all go to a job interview in Deathrocker or Victorian clothing, So goths had to adjust to dress codes in corporate situation without giving up their gothic tastes. Now, Corporate Goths are goths who dress in in this fashion claim to be more mature. The look has also become quite popular in the club scene as well. 

Corporate Goth fashion includes pant suits (black, dark grey, and pinstripe) a dressy blouse (with either silk, lace, or frills), black or red ties, and simple jewelry (spiders, coffins, or a black necklace). They still wear dark eye makeup, but they are less over the top. Lips are either nude or in an autumn color look such as a dark red, plum, etc. 

And now it is possible for us goths to have jobs but not lose our individuality. 

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