Sunday, September 11, 2011

Military Goth

I don't know what day it is where you live, but here in America it's 9/11. And I think most of us- if not all- know what happened today ten years ago..  Therefore, I thought this post appropriate. 

Another of our million fashion styles is Military Goth. It sprouted to life from Rivet-head, Punk, Fetish styles with a military twist. 

They can clothe from just a simple military jacket and black boots to army fatigues, miniskirts, and caps. 

This style of dress is a controversial topic amongst us. When people think of Goth they think of black-clad kids. Add some tattoes and military clothes, and they think we are in gangs or street crimes and neo-Nazism.

This is not the point. If we do wear these uniforms it's because we are doing so for irony, protest, or just want a shock feature. Most likey than not it is just a form of aesthetic. 

Makeup usually is stark and minimal or dramatic. Many goths will wear patterned or coloured contact lenses. 

Haircuts are usually things like mowhawks and undershaves, you know Rivethead or Punk inspired. 

And there are Goths who do serve in their military forces all around the world. 

Yours truly is in her highschool's JROTC or Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps. As a little girl I was always loved camouflage, and now I'm in a training experience for soldiers. Yes, we march, we have uniforms, and ranks. We also learn how to climb a rope, navigate ourselves from a forest, and rock climb-(the highranking officers get guns. they don't use them!! They just practice drills with them). Why not learn these skills and join your JROTC? They don't recruit for the military! No? What if I tell you the highest ranking officers, the elites, are trimmed with black!

Another cronterversial topic are medals. It is common to see Steampunks or Rivetheads with a fake military medal. But what about if it's real? What if its an actual Purple Heart or Victoria Cross?

Should we be allowed to wear them even if we didn't actual earn that honor? Like I said before, there are some Goths in the military. If they actually earned them, then why not?

But if you bought it on EBay, should you wear it to the club? Should you wear something that someone got by leaving their family and risking their lives? 

What about actual vintage uniforms? If you it's yours like mine, then sure. Go ahead! But if you purchased it? What then? Is this too much direspect? 

I don't think we should wear them if it's not really ours, we haven't earned them, and definetly not if you don't know what it means! Yes those medals mean something. The trimming and different coloured hats mean something as well!!

Of course I know the military gear is beautiful. I'm fond of it myself! But don't wear the real thing gothlings.

Here are a few mililtary goth clothes I hope you love. 

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