Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ice Goth

Ice Goth or Negative Goth is a goth style with the opposite color. Unlike most of us, wearing black, they wear white. 

They aren't really known, but they are quite popular. I, personally, have a few ice goth outfits. 

It is said ice goth popped up in the 80s. As well all know, not many of us can afford the beautiful and lovely clothes made by goth designers.  So some goths bought used wedding dresses or used their mother's, paired it up with their stompy boots, and their chocker. Of course, they can and do match their white with the occasional black. 

And they look extremely beautiful. Ice goth is popular amongst the Lolitas and they giving off an eerie and enchanting air in their ice goth wear. 

Do you not love her boots? 

Anyway, makeup is usually black-duh- on white skin. Lips can be white but typically they can be any color. You can also wear white eye makeup, this is mostly used by goths with darker skins. White on pale skin is pointless.

What you didn't know goths didn't have to be paled skinned? Well now you know. Remember I live in California- can you imagine my tan? I'll share a secret with you later... if I'm allowed.

P.S that's not me..


  1. I consider myself an 'All/Everything goth' As I do not favor one over the other but I find the amount of substyles and cultures overwhelming >.<

    1. I agree with you. There are numerous amounts of substyles of goth and it is quite overwhelming. Im glad you consider yourself an 'everything goth', sometimes i think even goths conform to the "set" parameters of a subgenre. Personally, I dress the way I feel like day to day