Friday, August 26, 2011

Goths On South Californian News

This is a series of reports on goth all put together in this video. Thank you EmpiraGirl. 

It's interesting how the society sees us. We don't believe we are vampires, although you can probably find at least one vampire related book on our shelves. 

And I don't know about this "biting". I wouldn't let someone touch me with a knife! And I certainly wouldn't "drink" from them. It sound like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles

And goth is not "destructive", it's about seeing the beauty in the dark, in death, in the unknown. It's about seeing that life isn't exactly a bowl of cherries, accepting it, but not hating it. Instead you take this view of life and make it beautiful. 

Note To Any Elder Goths Reading This:

If you are offended by the drag queen being featured, I apologize. But really I can't do anything about it. It's not my video. It is not my expos√©. 

My young gothlings, it is common to see a men wearing skirts in our goth scene. Humans are curious by nature and in our scene when we profess ourselves "understanding" I hope you can accept this fact. Everyone has their own tastes. 

And parents worry about piercings and tattoos! I had never heard about "scarification" before watching this video. And if you are going to get a tattoo or piercing, please go to an actual tattoo place. I don't want you to get one in someone's back room. Who knows if they're certified? 

Hardcore? Weekend frolickers? Everyone has there own sense of goth. Some see it as just music. Others as just fashion. And yes, there are some goths who are only goths on the weekends. 

This is because of jobs. Sometimes we can't get the jobs we want. And have to be low-key on weekdays. This doesn't mean these goths are less goth for not dressing up like one everyday. In fact it means this person is someone who loves being a goth so much they aren't willing to give it up. They fight for the right to keep their job but still remain true to themselves. 

Hmm, I need to call Gavin. I could do with some of those vampire teeth, couldn't you?

And these muders done by goths? I don't believe they were goths at all. Many times Mansonites are confused for goths thus giving goth a bad name. 

What are Mansonites? Followers of Marilyn Manson. Usually they dress like him- threnchcoats, listen to his music, and may act violently. 

Of course when the authorities hear about trenchcoats they automatically assume "goth." Which is farther from the truth. Most goths are pacificsts! Meaning, they don't believe in fighting. 

And I wonder if Slushy has heard of Bats Day at Disneyland? Basically its three days when Disneyland shuts down and only lets goths in. First day is a giant picnic, second day is a music festival, and the third is a market day.

Of course anyone under eighteen has to be with an adult. That is why I have not gone to Bats Day...yet. 

About Marilyn Manson, you can check my earlier post about him here.

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