Friday, August 19, 2011

Gothic Charm School Video Part 4

As I said before. most goths are artistic. Many of us learn basic sewing skills. You know, sewing buttons, zippers, or fixing a hem. Others are more complex and can make clothes from scratch!! These are the people I envy. Of course there are simple DIY's anyone can do!! I will try to post some of these.

Gothlings, don't you ever copy someone's clothes, makeup, or work completely or directly. I know they say it's the "sincerest form of flattery" but it is VERY disrespectful.

How would you feel if you spent weeks working on an outfit to be "one of a kind" and have a person copy it a few days later? You are insulting a fellow goth. And why cause anger, hurt, and hate amongst ourselves? We get enough of that from other people, but from one of your own kind?

It's fine if you find inspiration from someone or something and use some of their ideas to create your own work of art, but never copy the whole thing!! Be respectful and kind. And you never know, you might create something just as equally amazing!!

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