Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Deathrockers is a subset of punk-goth (obviously a subset of goth). Deathrock incorpotates horror elements and spooky athmospherics. It first emerged in 1979 on the west coast of the USA.

Deathrock songs include simple chords, echoing guitars, a prominent bass, and drums repeating post-punk beats on a 4/4 beat. "Scratchy" guitars are sometimes used to create atmosphere.

Lyrics vary. Typically they are intospective and surreal dealing with isolation, disullosianment, loss, life, depression, death, etc. Style can vary from harsh and melancholic- upbeat.

With the heavy atmosphere and rhymthic music, lead singers are demanded to to covey complex emotions thus they usually have strong stage presences. 

The stereotyped deathrocker has fishnets, horror movie makeup, band logos, huge hair( You can usually tell they're a deathrocker by the hair. How could you miss it?), zombies, bats, death, and so on.

Bands A Deathrocker Might Have On Their IPod

. The Flesh Eaters
. Christain Death
. Voodoo Church
. Sex Gang Children
. Alien Sex Fiend 
. Gun Club
. 45 Grave
. Cancer Bats
. Drop Dead Festival
. Kommunity KF
. Radio Werewolf
. UK Decay
. Scary Bitches

One of my favorite bands as well as one of my favorite songs. This is a 'harsher' song but I think it has more melody. 

A video of how deathrock has evolved. The song is Romeo's Distress by Christian Death. 

Most Deathrockers style their hair in the "Deathhawk". This is Goth's take on the Punk's Mohawk. 

Of course, there are a few who break this rule... 

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