Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perky Goth

Perky goth or candy goth is one of the many subsets of goth. It is one of the brightest and eye-catching( well, aren't all goth styles eye-catching?)of the scene. 

Perky goths are defined by cute motifs (fuzzy bats, sparkly skulls, etc) and of course a liberal use of pink and sparkle in their clothes. They are also said to reject the "gloomy " stereotype of goth and can be as cheerful, friendly, and bouncy as they want to be. 

They can dress from casual to full blown victorian with pink accents. If its pink, cute, and goth- its moist likely perky goth. 

Perky goths usually dye their hair all pink, all blue, or a mix with black. Purple can be included as well. 

A few girls rocking the deathrocker-perky goth look.

A short video on how to be perky goth if you are interested. The song is Beautiful Thieves by AFI.

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