Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walmart A Goth Store???

Believe me gothlings, I was shocked to! But today I accompanied my mom to Walmart and guess what I found?? A ton of darkly inclined stuff that any goth would LOVE to wear. 

Dark hats, skull t's (Although many had glitter. Perhaps more perky goth?) skull earrings, knee high socks with skulls, webs, and hello kitties in corsets! And much more - I didn't get to see everything.

I just love it when Halloween approaches (incase you are wondering, the USA just thinks it's right to sells things one month ahead of time)!!! Decorations and candy galore!!


Don't buy the makeup!!! It's cheap and it will cause breakouts!! I know the one in stores is expensive but it better for you. Less breakouts sweeties. 

Also don't buy the costumes and wear them like everyday goth clothes. Why?

First of all, we can tell it's a costume. The fabric is cheap and weak (it will easily rip and tear). And second of all, do you want to fuel the "Are you wearing a costume?" question? And darlings, you will be wearing one!!! Not to mention this could lead to the stereotype that goths are "freaks" as we as awkward questions for yourself. 

My Goth Walmart Goodies: 

I only got socks, and here they are. 

A Hello Kitty in a corset dress surrounded by spiders. The sock is purple.

A black sock with Hello Kitty in a purple, tutu dress. I just the spiderweb. 

A knee-high purple and black stripped snoopy sock with neon green skulls. 

What not goth enough for you?? well, : P. There, I'm sticking out my tongue!! I think these sock would be nice if your making the transition to goth and don't want to worry your parents. Or if you're a younger goth. Typically most goths realize they are goth in their teens, but there are goths younger than that. Some begin around eight or nine years old. 

Can you imagine being a goth at nine? Those brave souls. Knowing who they are and dealing with bullying at such a young age. I solute you!!

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  1. Somehow cute :D I know a goth girl who loves Hello Kitty :D

    I found some great gothy things in our Tesco supermarket..not for clothing, but for school.
    A cute pencil case with a skeleton bunny and title cute but psycho and book case with a gothy little girl. Gosh, now I wish i would be still going to school (k..I am, but i don´t use those things anymore :D ). It´s a shame that I couldn´t find such things when I was younger.