Monday, August 29, 2011


Steampunk is a subgenre that incoporates science fiction and emphasizes anachronistic technology, usually from the Victorian age. It is also a trend in fashion and music. In other words Steampunk is a combonation of edgy futurism with Victorain goth. 

It's sci-fi is low-tech. Thus the Victorian influences. 

In the begining, Steampunk was a seperate subculture form goth. But in these recent years, the two cultures are becoming more and more common. 

The fashion of Steampunk is highly creative and more than not, it is DIY. They incorporate clocks, keys, cogs, etc. 

Abney Park, Emilie Autumn, and Rasputina are all appreciated in both scenes. 

I like the guy in the corset. I want to be hugged all day!!

The folowing are pictures of people in the Steampunk scene. 

Are you amazed? Inspired? Why not tell me about it? Is there something in particular you want me to talk about? Comment my gothlings!!

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